The Island

Endless blue envelopes me,

deepest blue suspends me;

my infinite blue reflects both.


I am an island;

a station of skin

a book lying open

cracked down the spine, with


peeling off in the salt.

I am a sun and this sky orbits me,

clouds draw in slowly and

darken the page.


Audible colours and spectrums of time


as I lie still in motion.

My particles dance as these atoms repel

and I wait

for the sea to dissolve me.


You, Matter.

Just a visitor

within a gift of skin.

Indefinite rental

of these rhythmic sinews.


On-loan heartbeats

and temporary animations

of iris and drum,

lips and fingertips.




and undulations.

Limited flourishes

of desire

and joy.


These collected tokens and

electric moments,

are returned:

Laughter to the land.

Smiles to the sea.

Memories to minerals.


Pushing inside my mind

a migraine of swirling thoughts

and memories.

He the sceptic,

her with the harboured resentments;

the secret jealous type with the

slapped on cheerfulness

and you.

You who backed away silently with

an avoiding eye

into our shadows

the sun behind us now.

I just wanted you to know that

indifference burns

worse than hate.


In a single drop of water

is every tear I’ve ever cried.


In every tear I’ve ever cried

is all the salt drained from the sea.


In all the salt drained from the sea

are all the bitter tastes I’ve tried.


Through all the bitter tastes I’ve tried

a hint of sweetness came from you.


A hint of sweetness came from you

like a single drop of water.

An Invocation

He is Americadian – unscrupulous; hilarious.

Kindness, daybreak and dusk

he is ellipsis…

Stubborn knowing with ebbing discourse;


He is jetlag; a slow exhale into

Soft cotton.

A post-twenties active and a

passive didactic.

He is a sixty-degree hot wash;

a melting realist,

synthetic cashmere.

He is anagrams and

multi-coloured fridge letters

scattered around the house.

He is polished adventurine;



I retract

each claw until only the

soft buds of my fingers remain

and I run those instead across your

arms and palms.


I release

all notches of that

pinching belt from across my chest

so that we can share

the air between us again.


I extract

all grains of grit from

our eyes so that we may

gaze unfaltering

at the stars we both stand beneath.


I exhale

stale smoke from these

languid lungs that have held my

thoughts below the surface.

Now breathe in.

Together we can float



A strangled mighty heart


Its ghost wanted to seep out

like liquid glass

only to dash itself against the ground.

Writhing amongst our cigarette ash and

discarded furniture dust.


Clasping hands over mine

she salvages and gently clutches

shredded shards.

She leads me up

and down

up and

down our stacks of stairs.

Cheap imitations of joy shoved into

black sacks.


Mad-eyed and mascara maimed

we make our getaway.

Wiper blades attack the speckled streetlights as the

rear view blurs to

black and



We sit

with shit burgers

in the stark car park and

choke the hate right out,

carving it into

thick-shaped hope.